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General Assembly of the AS of RMGC by a written consultation

Mougins, July 10th 2020
General Assembly of the AS of RMGC by a written consultation
Dear Member,
Planned for April 14th, the 2020 General Assembly Meeting of the Royal Mougins Association Sportive was initially postponed to Jun/July 2020 due to the exceptional Covid-19 situation.
Today, beginning of July 2020, the certain amount of sanitary restrictions is still in place and the Board of our Association Sportive has decided to replace the physical meeting by a written consultation with our Members.
The Statute of our Association Sportive, Article 25, provides the option that decisions of the Members can be taken by correspondence.
We have therefore prepared and are submitting to you, attached below, the 2019 Association Sportive Activity report and Annual Accounts, as well 2020 Budget.
To be taken into account, the duly completed form must be done before august 15th, 2020.
PS: If you have a problem opening the links, please contact the proshop to register your vote.
We thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely, 
Rattan Chadha
President of the Association Sportive RMGC
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