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Temporary closure of Royal Garden Restaurant


Dear member(s),


The French government had expected this month to mark the beginning of France’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Instead the state of emergency has been declared by President Macron.


We see the number of new Corona-cases increase daily and the second wave is clearly here. The numbers are staggering almost in every department in our country and it will clearly get worse before it gets better. The discussion of a possible second lock-down, locally, regionally, or even nation-wide, is no longer off the table.


Basically, there are three ways in which someone can be infected with Covid-19:


  • Transmission via surfaces. This can occur because the virus ends up on a surface from droplets of someone who is contagious and if someone else touches it and rubs it in the eyes, the virus can penetrate.
  • Transmission through larger droplets. These are released form the nose or mouth by coughing, sneezing, talking, or singing by someone who is contagious and ends up in another person’s nose or mouth. After which the virus can multiply in that other person.
  • Transmission via aerosols. They are released from the nose or mouth by by coughing, sneezing, talking, or singing from the nose or mouth of someone who is contagious and can float in the air for a while. They are inhaled by another person and if a certain amount is exceeded (differs per person) then one is infected. A ventilation rate of 9 times per hour is required to ensure a bit of safety which requires a very specific ventilation system which we cannot install soon.


The French government imposed a curfew for all people in the Alpes Maritimes and the Var. I am convinced that further measures and limitations will be announced shortly. Several high-ranking specialists have been publicly demanding more severe restrictions for some days now.


At Royal Mougins we therefore adopt the ‘Better Safe than Sorry policy’. Temperatures are dropping and we will be more and more obliged to serve lunches indoors instead of outdoors on our terrace. As explained the chances of being infected indoors is far greater than catching the virus outdoors. The safety of our members, guests and staff are of the utmost importance to us and we do not want to take any unnecessary risks.


Therefore, we close our Royal Garden Restaurant as well as our new Royal Mougins Business Center and the hotel for the entire months of November and December 2020. At the end of December, we will evaluate and might, based upon the development of the virus, decide to re-open or remain closed.


Obviously, we will keep the golf course, the ProShop, the caddy master service and the locker rooms open with certain minor restrictions. Outside, especially on a golf course, the chances of being infected with the Covid-19 virus are close to zero.


A food trailer will be placed next to the ProShop where Chef de Cuisine Servé VROMEN will serve daily specials, various snacks, and cold & warm drinks. The Royal Mougins food trailer will be open for service daily from 11.30 to 16.00 and free coffee will be available at the Shop till 11.30 am. A small terrace (baby Royal Garden) will await you to brighten your golf-day whether before or after your 18 holes.


We will closely follow the development of the virus and we can only hope that all measures taken everywhere will lead to decreasing number of infections. On top of that we know that many specialists worldwide are working on a reliable vaccine. Let us hope they will be successful soon and that we can return to the life we used to know and love. The RMGC-team cannot wait to leave this emotional and financial disastrous period far behind.


Thank you for your understanding.

Please stay safe!


Jurgen Wondergem

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