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Royal Mougins Golf Club


Potential date of our golf course reopening

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements on Tuesday, April 28th, and in light of the latest recommendations of our Minister of Sports, the good news is: “it will be possible to practice an individual outdoor sports activity from May 11th on, respecting the rules of physical distance and only in open spaces. Furthermore, all will depend […]

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Closure of Royal Mougins

Mougins, Monday March 16th 2020 Dear Member, Anticipating the government’s announcement for a total and mandatory confinement for all as of tomorrow, we announce that the Royal Mougins will therefore remain closed until further notice, without even a telephone or on-site service being available. For all those who need their personal belongings in their private […]

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Royal Mougins is closed for an indefinite period of time

Dear member, We awoke into a different world this morning. We was taken by surprise by the announcements of the French prime Minister last night. Although we expected these measures, we did not so before the local elections (which have not been rescheduled). Due to the significant spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and in accordance […]

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